Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Another Mystery

So I've been sitting here watching the Door, thinking about if I should open it. On the one hand, should I listen to Captain Kirk (or, as these people call it, the Choir) and leave it unopened? Or do I throw caution to the wind and open the Door, even though it could lead to a worse place than this?

I decided to flip a coin. What the hell, right? Heads I open it, tails I leave it closed.

I got a quarter and flipped it -- and two quarters came down, one heads and one tails.

Puzzled, I did it again -- and the same thing happened. Now I had three coins and I had started with one.

I found a six-sided die in the bedroom (next to all my old D&D stuff that had been carefully placed next to my childhood books) and went back to the living room and rolled it. If I rolled a six, I would open the Door. If I rolled any other number, I wouldn't open it.

During the roll, the die split into six dice. Each one had a different number on top.

This must be the Door. Or the house. Or something. Every stochastic event I try comes out with not just one possible ending, but all possible endings. This violates all known laws of not only statistics, but physics -- where the fuck are all these extra coins and dice coming from? Alternate universes?

Fuck. Fucking fucking fuckin fuck.

If not by random chance, than how I will decide?

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  1. Listen to the Choir, It sings only the truth.