Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Theories & Defenses

So, I've now had a chance to read Out of the Spent and Unconsidered Earth and think about it. Let me summarize it first:

This guy (going by the obvious alias R Kipling) finds a door in his house. Not just any door, but a capital-D Door. His wife and son open the Door, see a giant sprawling city (and not just any city, but a capital-C City) and go inside and the Door shuts behind them and vanishes forever. The guy (I'll just call him R) has now lost his wife and son in the time it takes for a door to close.

R makes some more posts, reveals some more about the Doors and the City (always putting the word City in blue - way to rip off House of Leaves man), and is generally depressing. Then, he reveals that there is a conspiracy after him called the Gentlemen of the Dark (nice acronym). They capture him, torture him, but he escapes with the help of a really freaky Door.

R meets another runner from the Slender Man (hey, crossover time!), but then realizes that the GoD is going to send their top sociopaths after him: Croup and Vandemar Voss and Wolfcatcher. They almost catch him, but he manages to evade capture. He decides he needs to go further underground, so he stops blogging. The end.

Now, my notes:

What the fuck? There is some sort of City that is constantly shifting? And there are Doors that lead to it that can appear out of nowhere? This is probably some weird story or the hallucinations of a mentally ill man. some things make sense. The house I'm in, it has no doors. What if...what if that was because if a door did appear, I'd know it was actually a Door? And R meets a runner from the Slender Man. If this is the ramblings of a mentally ill person, why is Slendy here? He's part of a whole other story!

And the blog mentions shadows, too. Shadows with a capital-S. This line stuck me as the weirdest:
All Doors are dangerous. When a Door reveals itself Appears, all Shadows move away from it.

Why would these Shadows be afraid of a Door? Does this make any sense at all?


  1. Nope.

    If these were indeed the ramblings of a madman, does it not make a certain amount of sense that "Kipling" would talk with those who are thought to be mad, fleeing from the "Slender Man"? Madness is fetching, after all.

  2. I can't really say. I just found your blog and honestly find it a little hard to believe. Then again, I kinda get the feeling that you do too. I just have to ask, this is really happening to you right? I didn't just stumble into someone's pet writing project did I? On one hand I'm kinda hoping you'll tell me that I did, but the evidence is slowly pointing the other way.

  3. I'm afraid this is really happening to me.

    Or perhaps I'm in a mental institution somewhere, rocking back and forth in a straightjacket against padded walls.

  4. If I'm following it, chances are it's a true account.

    How do I predict thse blogs?

    Well, it's a little perk I still hold from the organization I defected....

  5. Way to shamelessly self-promote. I'm kidding. All these blogs help me track down my enemies.

    - RS