Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Riddle Me This

I hate riddles. Especially riddles that turn out to have answers so simple you look back and say "That was it?"

Meh. Thank you, Chiarascuro Orrery, for giving me a clue I didn't really need. Four words, period, two words, period, "three characters in a search of an exit" (clever - it's "com," the end of the URL). Assuming the "two words" is "blog spot," then all I need to fill in is the first four words.

I tried to figure out the riddle for twenty minutes until I gave up and just started using four random words. Then I saw it. It couldn't be that simple, right? Well, what the hell:

So, yeah, I guess it was. At least the post there isn't invisible like the others, although it's still pretty cryptic. And it leads me to yet another blog which I'll try reading today.

At least this little reading puzzle game thing is distracting me from my horribly depressing situation.


  1. Wow. You're a genius. Either that, or I just really suck at riddles, 'cause I would have NEVER gotten ANY of that. o___o

  2. I'm not a genius, believe me. Once I figured out it was a blog, it had to end in "" The rest was just the first four words and I just randomly decided to try those.

  3. I had thought it would be more complex then that.