Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let It Burn

I finished The City on the Borderland.

It was strange. The unnamed narrator, having been warned and warned not to try and escape the Labyrinthine City, finally can't take it anymore and, well, tries to escape. He can't. Everywhere he goes, the city stops him. The more he tries, the harder it fights back. Finally, he persuades the mysterious man who warned him before to show him one of the secret passages out and he does.

The unnamed narrator then spends the last part of the last chapter wandering around the Night Lands, lost and confused. Then it just...ends. No resolution, no denouement. Nothing.

So I took a match from the kitchen and I slowly burned the book. I made sure each page went up in flames. It made a nice blue flame, too. Each page, cover to cover, fed to the fire.

I wanted to feed the fire more, but when I got up to find more books, I stopped. The flames had created an interested tableau of shadows. They flickered on the wall, growing with the flames.

A doused the fire with water and left the ashes on the floor.

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