Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still Reading

Still slogging through The City on the Borderland. It's not that it's a bad book, it's just that it makes me tired when I read it. I'm literally falling asleep every five minutes and then I wake up and I'm still on the same damn page.

Here's a passage for you to read:
And thus I went forth into that strange and silent city, devoid of all but buildings, with structures that burst forth from the ground like vines struggling to break free from the earth. The windows of each building were opaque and dark and I could not see within. My lantern was failing at that point, so I rushed to find a door to the inside of some safe haven, a place where I could rest my tired limbs without fear.

I found many doors, but each was shut and sealed, locked so that I could not enter. And as I turned around, I saw that the buildings I had witnessed before had changed their place when I was not looking, that the street I had just passed was no longer there. I could not see the city move, but I knew that it must, that it was a living thing perhaps, certainly a mobile place where nothing stayed in the same place for very long.

As I wandered the winding street, I wondered, for the first but not the last time, how I was to leave this city if it would not allow me.

Gah. Need sleep.

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